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Who We Are

Peter Benson CCG

Our Group of Companies

Credit Connect has been operating profitably as a peer-to-peer lender since 2006. We “connect” people who want to borrow money for quality commercial property projects with people who want to invest money secured by property. We provide approved borrowers access to funding not available through traditional lenders and sophisticated investors access to higher returns on their cash.

Credit Connect Finance is a recent addition to the group and has been operating as a private lender and licensed credit provider since March 2017. We raise and lend dedicated private funds for property investment home loans. We specialise in interest-only mortgages and non-resident home loans, including house and land packages.

Credit Connect Capital is a public company incorporated in March 2013. We are licensed to operate a property trust and managed mortgage investment scheme. We specialise in first mortgage managed investments. The company is currently inactive.

Since 2006, Credit Connect has connected Investors and Borrowers for loans totalling over $215 million!

Over 11 Years of Proven Returns and Successful Settlements

A snapshot of the average and range of loans successfully funded by our private investors over the past 11 years.

Average Returns

Investor returns range over 11 year period

The above graph illustrates the net annualised returns generated by our private lenders since 2006. As you will note, the rates acheived are well in excess of traditional term deposit or similar style investments offered by the banks.

Average LVR

Loan to value ratio range over 11 year period

The lower the LVR, the lower the risk! The average LVR of loans introduced by Credit Connect is a very low 50%. This means for a property valued at $1 million, the average loan amount is $500,000 ensuring our private investors’ funds are well secured and the risk of capital loss is mitigated.

Average Loan Size

Loan size range over 11 year period

The average loan amount introduced by Credit Connect is for approximately $1,460,000. However, as illustrated above, most loans are generally for amounts less than $500,000 making them attractive to a broad range of lenders.

Results across all group entities from 2007 – end of financial year 2018.

Past results are not a guarantee of future performance.

Management Team

Our management team have over 50 years of combined experience across a wide range of disciplines
in the real estate, property investment, and finance sectors.

Peter Benson director Credit Connect Group

Peter Benson

Peter Benson is the CEO of Credit Connect Group, and has over 20 years of investment and lending experience – involving numerous private financing transactions.

In 2006, prior to establishing the Credit Connect Group, Peter founded and incorporated the highly successful private lending firm, Credit Connect, which Peter still guides as one of Australia’s most respected private lending firms today. The longstanding performance of Credit Connect speaks highly of Peter’s expertise and experience.

Peter holds a Diploma of Financial Planning, is PS146 compliant and is very well respected in the business community throughout Australia.

Cam Ly management team

Cam Ly

Cam Ly is a current non-executive director of Credit Connect Capital and has for many years been involved in the Property and Finance industry in his role as a solicitor.

Cam operates his own law firm known as Cam Ly & Co Solicitors. Some of the areas his firm specialises in is mortgage lending and immigration law.

Cam speaks several languages including Mandarin, Cantonese and Vietnamese.

Cam’s qualitficiations include a Bachelor of Law & Bachelor of Science. Cam is also a registered Immigration Agent.

Christopher Bristow management team

Christopher Bristow

Christopher Bristow is a current non-executive director of Credit Connect Capital and has many years’ experience in the Financial and Real Estate sector.

Christopher has gained extensive financial experience previously working with the ANZ Bank as an Assistant Fund Manager whereby he was employed as an Authorized Representative and Compliance Officer.

Prior to this, Christopher was employed as an investigator with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC).

Christopher has successfully completed a double degree holding a Bachelor of Arts/Commerce.

Finance Team

Our finance team come with a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the lending, compliance and financial services industries.

Simon Tickner finance team

Simon Tickner

Simon Tickner is the Group’s Asset Manager and enjoyed a 20 year career trading and broking in London’s money and interest rate derivates markets prior to immigrating to Australia in 2001.

Working within the real estate funds management industry since arriving in Australia, including in senior management and board level appointments, Simon has gained extensive experience in the areas of loan origination, credit assessment, development feasibility analysis, mortgage/construction management, in-house legal processes and default management.

Simon has also sat on the Credit and Arrears Management Committees for various managed investments schemes and is familiar with both financial and compliance audit obligations of licencees as relevant to asset management.

Eric Chen finance team

Eric Chen

Eric Chen is the principal Business Development Manager and Loan Assessor at Credit Connect Finance. Eric is our non-resident lending specialist and undertakes frequent fund raising trips to China and Hong Kong.

Eric obtained both a master’s degree in Applied Finance and a bachelor’s degree in Accounting from The University of Queensland. He began his career working as a graduate accountant at a boutique accounting firm prior to joining Credit Connect Capital as the company accountant.

Eric is fluent in both Mandarin and Cantonese.

Wealth Managers, Accredited Brokers, and Referrers

Wealth managers brokers referrers

We enjoy longstanding relationships with an established network of wealth managers, accredited brokers, and broker and real estate agent referrers.

Our wholesale investors include: High net worth individuals (HNWI), Family offices, Self managed super funds (SMSF), Religious groups, Charities, Hedge funds, and Foreign investors.

We fund: Non-resident home loans; Residential property loans; Commercial property loans; Construction and development loans; and Short-term business loans. We specialise in lending to non-resident, self-employed, and interest-only borrowers!

Enquire now about becoming an accredited broker or referrer.

What Our Clients and Industry Professionals Say About Us

What We Don’t Do


What We Don’t Do

We’re not a broker.
Use bank or institutional funds.

Unsecured loans.

Long-term finance.
Interest-and-principal loans.
Variable-interest rate loans.
Lend against business equipment.

What We Do

We’re a peer-to-peer and non-bank private lender.
We invest our own funds or use private investor finance.
Secured loans for property investments or projects.

Short-term loans of 1-3 years.
Interest-only loans.
Fixed-interest rate loans.
Property security, which can be used for working capital or business purposes.


What We Don’t Do

Invest in overseas property markets.
“Sell” investments or offer financial advice. We are not sales people or financial advisors.

Pooled funds; financial engineering or packaged mortgages; fractional loans or crowdfunding to retail investors.

What We Do

While we lend to foreign borrowers, it’s only on Australian real estate.
Take a balanced approach in presenting the risks and benefits of our loan opportunities. We recommend investors seek independent advice as to the suitability of our products for your needs.

Isolated, whole mortgages funded by one wholesale investor or two or more equal contributors. Know exactly what you’re investing in with the ability to undertake your own due diligence.

Credit Connect Group logo

Our Group of Companies

Credit Connect logo

Peer-to-Peer Lending

Connecting sophisticated and wholesale investors with commercial mortgage borrowers.

Credit Connect Finance logo

Private Lending

Non-bank credit provider of property investment and non-resident home loans.

Credit Connect Capital logo

Managed Funds

First mortgage managed investments (currently inactive).

Our Licences

We follow responsible lending practices and, within the group, are ASIC-licensed credit and financial service providers.


Credit Connect Finance Pty Ltd (ACN 113 576 891) (“Credit Connect Finance”) holds an Australian Credit Licence 396190 issued by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission. The entity is licensed to provide credit to consumer clients under the National Consumer Credit Protection Act.


Credit Connect Capital Ltd (ACN 104 081 192) (“Credit Connect Capital”) is a public company and holds an Australian Financial Services Licence 230173 issued by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission. The entity is licensed to offer managed investment schemes to retail and wholesale clients.

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