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Loans from $50K – $80m

real estate security required

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A “Yes” When the Banks say “No”

How it Works

The banks and traditional lending institutions aren’t funding certain market sectors or their loan parameters are rigid and restrictive to certain types of borrowers.
We are able to finance these short-term property loans from $50k – $80m using our own funds or funds raised from our established network of private investors.
Each loan application received is individually assessed with a strong focus on the quality of the real estate security provided.
Your client receives funding for their property project and services the monthly interest.
We manage the entire loan process from start to finish.


Experienced private lender. Access funding not available through banks, credit unions and building societies.
Funding approval for your client’s property project. Short-term loans including small business loans, residential property loans, commercial property loans, construction and development loans.
Lending tailored to your client. Flexible and personalised finance. We specialise in lending to property professionals including self-employed, interest-only, non-resident and non-conforming borrowers.
Unlock the equity. Refinance, second mortgages, bridging finance, and mezzanine loans considered!
Move quickly! We provide quick answers and prompt settlements so you can act fast!

If approved, funds available in as little as 2 weeks!

Accredited Brokers and Referrers

Wealth managers brokers referrers

We enjoy longstanding relationships with an established network of accredited brokers, and broker and real estate agent referrers.

Enquire about becoming an accredited broker or referrer today.

We specialise in property loans and fund: Non-resident home loans, Residential property loans, Commercial property loans, Construction and development loans, and Short-term business loans.

View more information on our Home Loans and Commercial Loan products.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is your loan qualification criteria?

A: Each loan is different and individually assessed, but our general criteria is:

  1. Security property located within a 50km radius of a capital city;
  2. Maximum security property LVR of 65; (We lend up to 65% of the value of the security property)
  3. Presales may be required for construction loans.

Q. How quickly can you settle?

A: If approved, access your funds in as little as 2-4 weeks! The entire process from assessment to settlement can generally be completed within 2 weeks of receiving all the requested information and supporting documentation.

Q: What are your interest rates and fees?

A: Each loan is different and assessed on its individual merits and risks, but our interest-only rates start at 8.75%. A full list of fees applicable to your particular loan will be provided upfront.

Q: How does your commission structure work?

A: Accredited broker, broker or referrer commission for any loan successfully introduced is payable by the borrower and included in the total amount financed. Commission is paid upfront, on settlement.

Referrer commission for consumer home loans: if you or your employer don’t hold an ACL, or you haven’t been appointed as a Credit Representative by an Australian Credit Licensee who does, information about any fees you may be paid for any successful consumer client referrals introduced are detailed in our Referral Agreement.

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