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You Decide Which Opportunity 

Are you a sophisticated investor? Are you confident enough to commit to an opportunity when you spot the right one?

If so, Credit Connect Group (CCG) might be an excellent choice for your next investment.

Here at CCG, we match Australian citizens who want to borrow funds for property related transactions with investors who want to fund them.

Currently our investors are earning returns from 6% to 10% with first mortgage security.

Here’s How It Works

First, borrowers approach CCG in search of finance for residential and commercial property purchases or refinancing of loans.

Second, CCG screens the applicants. Many never make it through the vetting stage. Why? We set the bar high – borrowers have to provide first mortgage security in acceptable locations, have sufficient equity to mitigate risk and prove they’re creditworthy.

Third, any applications that survive the vetting process are shared with our investors, so you can decide for yourself which opportunities you wish to fund.

Fourth, we manage the loan from start to finish on your behalf.

Know Where You Stand

To make it easy, we share all the key details about the proposed opportunity for you to be able to perform your own due diligence.  See an example of the  “Discussion Paper” document you will receive.

If you choose to invest in an opportunity, you get the ultimate form of transparency – whereby the mortgage is registered in your name, giving you total control. Prepaid or monthly interest payments are paid directly into your bank account. The interest rates are fixed for the entire loan term, so you know in advance exactly how much you’ll receive.

Don’t like a deal? Reject it

Think a deal has potential? Request our Discussion Paper.

If you fund a residential deal, where the borrower is an individual, your money will be secured via a registered mortgage against the borrower’s real property.

If you fund a commercial deal where the company is a borrower, your money will be secured via a registered mortgage against the borrower’s real property, you will also receive director’s guarantees and general security agreements (GSA) registered against the borrowing entity.

For further detailed information view our “Capability Statement”.

Our track record is strong. We’ve been around since 2006, providing more than $360 million of loans and delivered a weighted average return of 10% per annum with our average lending ratio at 49%.

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