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Loans from $100k – $80m

real estate security required

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Good projects deserve to be funded!

How it Works

We provide secured residential and commercial loans ranging from $100 thousand to $80 million.
We use either our own funds or we tap into our established network of private investors. These are sophisticated and wholesale investors who are comfortable supporting quality projects.
Loans are interest-only loans, with personalised rates, monthly repayments and loan terms of up to three years.
Once the term expires, you can repay the loan or refinance with us.


You don’t need to split your finance over multiple lenders, because we provide facilities of up to $80 million.
We won’t torture you by sitting on your application for months and demanding that you adhere to rigid rules.
Once your loan settles we’ll organise a prompt settlement, which our developer partners always appreciate.
We’ll also manage the entire loan process from start to finish, so you won’t have to deal with the investors.
You’ll be surprised to discover just how friendly and flexible private lenders can be.

Find out before you fill in any paperwork or pay any fees if you might qualify for funding!

Construction & Development Loan Products & Fees

Amount: AU$100,000-$80,000,000

Interest Rate: Each loan quoted individually

Gearing: Max 65% LVR (First mortgages; higher gearing considered for second mortgages)

Term: 1 to 3 years

Loan Type: Fixed interest, interest-only. First and second mortgages, refinance, bridging finance, mezzanine funding.

Security Type: Land, sub-division, residential property, commercial buildings, multi-dwelling…

Full details of the credit criteria, conditions, fees and charges that apply and the provision of interest will be provided on application.

All loans are subject to responsible lending standards.

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